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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Governor to Stay Put

Governor to Stay Put
One of the most popular indoor sports in this political town of Lansing is the, "Where are they going next?" game. When he was governor, Bill Milliken was mentioned as a Vice Presidential candidate as was ex-governor John Engler. There was speculation that former Gov. Jim Blanchard would end-up in the Bill Clinton administration and he did.
Which brings us to the current occupant.
The Detroit Free Press and scribe Dawson Bell offered the latest installment centering on speculation that if somebody named Clinton got to the White House, somebody named Granholm might follow her there.
"I laughed. Laughed loudly," reveals First Gentleman Dan Mulhern when he read the piece.
Hubby Mulhern noted that the aforementioned Mr. Bell and his spouse are not exactly buds. He "has not been a great cheerleader for the governor and (it's not like he and ) the governor talk all the time and he got some inside scoop."
This is not the first time this issue has come up regarding a spot for Granholm in a Clinton White House number two. She addressed it head on last October on Michigan Public TV.
Asked, "Will you serve out your term?"
She said yes.
Do you promise?
She said yes.
Pressed for more than a yes, she offered, "I don't want to go to Washington. I'm not interested in Washington. I'm not a quitter."
And her husband agrees.
"She's a finisher. She likes to get the job done and there's a lot to do here," he picks up where she left off.
To be governor now, as he warms to he subject, is a "tremendous opportunity and obligation so she's going to see it out."
So she won't go to Washington?
"Maybe in four or six years, but she's here…She's going to see it out."
Guess that puts it to rest.
But there's a funny thing about this "Where are they going next?" game: The more denials, the more the speculation.
Care to play?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, Why would you call yourself Skoop?

February 1, 2008 at 4:05 PM 
Anonymous Jake Davison said...

Does Blanchard's Canadian Ambassadorship count as being in Clinton's "administration?" Blanchard claimed he was going to be Secretary of Transportation but Frederico Pena got it because he "looked more like America" than yet another white male. Now Bill Ballenger, he was in Ford or Nixon's administration as (I think) an under-secretary of some department.

February 5, 2008 at 9:16 PM 

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