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Monday, February 8, 2010

  Denise.  Where fore arth thou?
  Anybody seen the front runner in the democratice field for governor?  Maybe you have heard of her but geez, nobody has seen Denise Ilitch.
  Wonder way?
  For a moment, it looked like Ms. Ilitch was going to come out of hiding and actually show up at a political event where nosey political correspondents would finally get a chance to toss her some questions.
   The Michigan Education Association staged a cattle call for all the Republican and Democrats to pitch their wares to a room full of very politically active teachers.
   The MEA announced earlier in the week that Ilitch was on the agenda and one of the local papers even printed same.
   When word reached this listening post, a quick phone call was made to TV2 in Detroit.
    "Hey guys we should cover this event in Detroit on Friday night.  Denise Ilitch is going to be there."
     The assistant news director saw the worthiness in that and assigned a crew.
     Roll back the tape to Friday night last. It got to be 5:30 p.m. and other candidates were there fevorishly working the crowd but no Ilitch.
     5:40.  Reporter says to camera persons, "Anybody know what she looks like?  She has long blond hair, and I've seen her picture, but maybe she slipped by."
     At this point the MEA guy walks up.
     "Where's Ilitch?"
     "Somebody called this morning and said she was not coming," was the not so welcomed answer.
     Expletive deleted.
     So into the room the crew goes and there is an Ilitch advisor working with another candidate.
     "Where's Denise?" Jill Alper was asked.
      Alper explains that Ilitch never agreed to attend in the first place.
      Oh really.  (Well then why did somebody call to cancel?)
      Alper explains that if and when Mrs. Ilitch becomes a candidate she will show up at gigs such as this.
      It's not a strange answer but yet it is.
      If you are exploring a bid for the highest office in the state and you are not sure you will run, wouldn't you want to get out in public and deal with the media just to see how it felt or to see if you could survive?
      Apparently that's way too logical for the supposed savvy businesswoman Ms. Ilitch who prefers to instead, hide in the weeds.
      Don't know about you, but if a politician doesn't want to take questions about running for governor, one might conclude, that a certain someone may not be ready for prime time.
      Just a thought.


Blogger Eric said...

Maybe, Tim, just maybe, Denise Ilitch does not want to be associated with left wing, ranting liberal union leadership/teachers? Naw, she'd be there promising to give our money (buy) for their votes. Just like Granholm has.

February 8, 2010 at 6:48 AM 
Anonymous The Great Artiste said...

Denise's accomplishment
of being an Ilitch are
what Michigan voters
deserve for

February 8, 2010 at 10:30 AM 
Blogger archiebird said...

Hey Tim--Why are you talking about ilitch's "Nothing moment" when you should be talking about Hoekstra's debacle with the CIA, or Hoeskstra' giving away military coordinates in tweets, or Hoestra'a attempt to taking away women's rights with his regressive abortion amendment with HCR?? Oh yeah, I forgot he's a right-winger like you. Heaven forbid you should help voters make an informed decision. The dudes ALREADY making bad decisions and endangering us against the evildoers, and you want to help get him elected by pointing out what the "democrat isn't doing" Man, you are useles.

February 9, 2010 at 4:50 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be that Denise recognizes that she does not know diddly and that her candidacy is based on having won the genetic lottery by being born to wealth? Could it be Denise does not know how to explain getting thrown out of the family business? Could it be Denise does not want the scrutiny of her personal life that would make some titallating reading? Could it be that despite being thrown out of the family business she really does not want Little Caeser and the Ilitch's special deals subject to the kind of scrutiny and exposure that comes with a candidacy? Could it be at that Denise has realized that she is an empty suit that Jill Alper and the other hangers on are just going to try to milk to make money off of her and that Jill ultimately is going to make a fool of Denise once everyone is done investigating her and her family and Denise actually shows up on a stage and has to debate legitimate candidates? It is sad to see someone who is purported to be a nice person get used by people who just want to make money off of her name and could care less about public policy. Denise will be humiliated if she actually goes through with this and her families businesses will be seriously damaged if one of them ever jay walked.

February 9, 2010 at 5:30 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey archiebird: Tim is usually accused of being a liberal (or Socialist, Communist, Fascist, or whatever label the right wing-nuts choose to apply to anyone they don't like).
Tim seems to call'em on both sides, without injecting his own agenda.

February 9, 2010 at 12:10 PM 
Anonymous The Great Artiste said...

VOTE for Denise: we need taxpayer funded sports temples in Lansing.

With her as Governor, it will be possible to build a stadium in every city in Michigan.

They'll save the State economy, just like it did in Detroit.

February 10, 2010 at 7:27 AM 

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