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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weird Michigan

     O.K. Let's confess:  Folks living in this state are, by the very fact that they continue to live here, weird.  Given the chance and the money, most would high-tail it to Arizona, Florida or name your warm climate state.
     Now another weird-ness on the political front.
     22% of the citizens nationwide are overwhelmingly unimpressed with the performance of President Barack Obama.  Apparently his "Change You Can Believe In" has only a handful of believers anymore.
    Ah, but!  Take a gander at the latest FOX2 Rasmussen survey and lo and behold, 53% of the Michigan residents like what they see in the new prez.  Sure, 46% disapprove, but over half are out of step with the rest of the country by a whopping 31% margin.
    So, is it the water?  After all we are the only state surrounded by five lakes?
    Or could it be that nobody in Michigan can view all the right-wing cable talking heads who have trounced Mr. Obama starting right after he said, "I will" and lowered his right hand after the oath of office?
    Or maybe the rest of the nation is out of step with us?
    It is strange and almost defies logic because Obama did not even campaign here during the primary season.  Remember Michigan was off limits because state Democrats dared to fiddle with the presidential primary date which offended all the other D's across the country.
    But yet he's in pretty good shape.
    And that's bad news for state Republicans who were fixin to link Obama at the hip with every democrat who runs for office this year from the governor's race to local dog catcher.
    They were poised to do to the D's, what the D's did to the R's by linking George W. Bush to every state Republican seeking office two years ago.
    If this data holds up, Republicans will need a Plan B.  Of course they will do everything they can to make sure it does not hold up, but you must concur that the 53% approval rating does make the state a tad weird, for whatever reason.


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