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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hoop Talk

The U of M hoop guys could have used a little help on the
free-throw line the other night against the Badgers and they had a guy
on the bench to do it. Unfortunately he was on the spectator's bench.
Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor and ex-NBA star Dave Bing were
in the crowd but apparently there was not enough time to get His Honor
out of his suit and into something maze and blue to get the job done.
While the two could not help the Wolverines, they were talking
steps to help each other. The governor is on a trust-building mission
and taking some time off for "some fun", as he put it the other night,
is one way to get there.
In fact nobody around here can remember the last time, if ever, a
sitting governor sat down with a sitting mayor of Motown but this is
Rick Snyder doing his thing.
"It's good open communication being honest and open, talking about
the problems cause we're both here to solve problems and not spend time
on politics," the governor tells FOX2 at the game.
The mayor was drinking the same cooperation Kool-aid: "I think
trust is very very important, so if he tells me something he is going
to do or not going to do, I want to make sure I can take it to the
bank. And so far that's been the case."
You could just feel the governor getting all goose bumpy inside
cause this is what he wants with mayors, lawmakers from both sides of
the aisle, and even the media.
It's refreshing as he appears to be willing to go anywhere,
anytime (to borrow a shop worn phrase) to get the trust thing done
which must be done in real time.
Even though his guys lost the game with a last minute buzzer shot,
he and the mayor get high marks for doing it.
Ya gotta wonder, however, did the mayor explain the finer points of
using your elbows when in trouble?


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