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Monday, February 4, 2008

Gov and Hub Love Clinton-Obama Ticket

 Gov and Hub Love Clinton-Obama Ticket
      Six months ago if anybody had speculated about a Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama democratic ticket for president and vice president, you would have been laughed out of town.
      Somehow, everyone has stopped laughing as now there is some serious chatter coming from Michigan's First Family about the so-called Dream Ticket.
      Governor Jennifer Granholm tells the Detroit News, "It's important to have an exciting and dynamic ticket.  It would be phenomenal."
      First Hubby Dan Mulhern, always in step with the boss, adds his two cents.  "It would be pretty awesome."
      So what's happened to turn the once impossible scenario into something that might actually take shake?
      For one thing Clinton and Obama have apparently cut out the rhetorical rough stuff and are making nice instead.  During their last televised appearance on CNN, which was billed as an historic and potentially feisty confrontation, in reality it turned into a 60's love-in.
      "I liked Hillary before the race and I will like Hillary after the race," Obama smiled. 
      Sure they disagreed on some of the issues, but by the end of the so-called debate, both were smiling, laughing, and they almost hugged. They left the distinct impression that all the bad blood had been sucked out of their relationship.
      In fact, the two were asked by the Wolfman, a.k.a. Wolf Blitzer, about running with each other.  Obama suggested, "Hillary would be on everybody's short list" and she said, "I agree with what Barak has said."
      Now the media can't stand for a race with no conflict so you're likely to hear more about race. Mulhern has a take on that, too.
     "The media is overplaying the race issue.  Absolutely and totally," he opines.
      He says common folks are more interested in the issues not race.
      And just one more thing on the Clinton-Obama ticket, he believes the V.P. choice will come down to ego.
      If he's right, you can forget about an Obama-Clinton combo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim: You've probably already heard this and I wish no harm to any candidate! Hillary is elected! 1st nite, throws Bill out of the White house. 2nd nite, visit from the ghost of George Washington! Startled, she asks: "Mr. President, what must I do to serve the people?" Raising his rt. index finger he replies "Never tell a lie!" "OOOh, I don't know if I can!" 3rd nite The ghost of Thomas Jefferson appears ...same Q, his response: "Always listen to the electorate!" "Oh, I know I can't do that!" So, on the 4th nite she is visited by The ghost of Abraham Lincoln! Same Q, However, his response is "Go to the theater!"

February 6, 2008 at 6:39 AM 

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