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Monday, July 14, 2008

Political Trifecta

  Political Trifecta
       Try this on for size:  Obama wins the White House with the help of Dennis Archer and his buddy Freeman Hendrix. Then President Obama helps Hendrix get elected Mayor of Detroit and then the two of them help Archer get elected governor.
       Wow.  There's a mouthful, and you're wondering what the heck are you smokin' Skoop?
       Believe it or not this political "trifecta" as one person put it, is floating around the Freeman Hendrix camp as he quietly and methodically ponders another run for Mayor of Motown.
        Hendrix is laying low and wants no part of this story, but take this to the bank he is "definitely interested" in reprising his bid for mayor after losing to Kwame Kilpatrick last time out.
        But times change.  The Kilpatrick who leveled Hendrix is not the same Kilpatrick who might run again next year.  Maybe you've read about his problems?
        Hendrix is poised with the lift of a finger to snap his campaign organization back together again which is why he is in no hurry to make any public noises about running.  He's made no final decision, but most would be shocked if he did not do it again.
       The Obama, Archer, Hendrix axis of power is worth contemplating. Archer was out front loudly and early for Obama when it was fashionable for most democrats to hitch their wagon to the "inevitable" democratic nominee..what was her name? 
       Furthermore Archer's former campaign manager, David Axlerod, is now Obama's main guy.  And Hendrix was Archer's deputy mayor.  Man, you can see all the back scratching that could unfold to the benefit of all three amigos.
       Far fetched?  You bet.
       Could it happen? Same answer.


Anonymous Mark Rummel said...

Interesting theory, but -- aha!! -- perhaps complications are ahead.

Recent Detroit news stories have said businessman Dave Bing is considering his own run for the Detroit mayorial job.

Wonder where he'd fit in this triangular group??

July 14, 2008 at 5:43 PM 

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