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Monday, July 7, 2008

Dodging Bullets

     Dodging Bullets
      Flash back to last fall when lawmakers and the governor were trying to wade through a sea of red ink by latching onto a tax increase.
      Members of the Michigan House had three problems i.e. trying to decide if the tax hike was the right thing to do and if it was, they fretted about being recalled.  Long term they also knew they'd be facing the issue again this November if they ran for reelection.
      Democrats, who voted for the tax hike, dodged the recall bullet.  The recalls turned out to be all talk and no action.  This November republicans are hell bent on making sure the bullet hits the target this time.
      If a democrat voted for the tax hike, rest assured his or her GOP opponent will bring up the issue over and over again.
       The framing of the issue will be forthright.  Democrats will argue they had no choice.  Facing a $1.8 billion hole in the budget, they demonstrated leadership by doing the unpopular thing.
      Baloney the GOP challengers will holler.  With four bucks a gallon gas and voters pinching pennies wherever they go, the GOP will try to exploit a yes vote on taxes into a no vote on those who cast it.
      You can hear the GOP commercials now:  Times are tough in Michigan. You're struggling to put gas in the tank, struggling to hang onto your job and the future is not very bright.  In the middle of all that my democrat opponent voted to take even more money out of your paycheck by raising your income tax. That's not leadership. That's just plain wrong.  Vote for me.
      That message appeals to the raw emotions of frustrated voters while the democratic ad will appeal to the voter's intelligence:  Hi, I'm democrat so and so.  I know times are tough not only for you but for state government as well.  Last year, I had the courage to fund your schools, keep your cops on the street, and provide some hope for the future.  Leadership is all about making tough decisions.  I did that.  Vote for me.
      When it's emotions vs. intelligence…well let's put it this way, the D's have a tougher sell job. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone out there believes that Republicans will lower their taxes the news is, they are right. As a result of brain dead trade policy coupled with trickle down economics most a Americans will indeed have their taxes lowered. The only fly in the ointment is that the lowered taxes will come with lower wages, or increasingly likely no wages at all.
Lets face it, it's the economy stupid. And hard as may be, it is high time that we all recognize that for all his comforting rhetoric, for all his temporary victories against communism, and for all his dedication to a more moral and rightous America, Ronald Reagans legacy is one of failure.

While we may want to believe that his leadership and his values changed America for the better, we cannot deny that either through greed, or a total lack of respect for average Americans his party and the followers he left behind have sold America to foreign governments through borrowing, jeapordized our national security, weakened every regulatory agency charged with protecting us, and used terror to prove to us how "strong on terror" they are despite 911 having happened on their watch

Even the Soviet Union is reverting to its government controlled, communist ways with little or no recognition from our current leaders.

We now are deeply in debt to a communist country (China)that daily saps more of our jobs. Our middle class is desperatly trying to hang on financially, while those at the top of the trickle down theory are consistantly trying to convince us they shouldnt pay any more than most of us for their success. As though it is now perfectly allright to just be somewhat patriotic and greatful for the benefits they have reaped from our nation while questioning the patriotism of those with a different vision than theirs

Worse yet the structure that seeks to continue this trickle down of pain works even harder to distract us. Why should they deal with the real issues of energy independance when they can work with big oil to sustain their profits indefinitely while selling us on the lie that more drilling will help us. Even worse McCain touts his tax holiday, uses it as a campaign talking point, but has yet to introduce legislation to enact it. Maybe he cant get a co sponsor, or maybe he forgot he is still a legislator not just a story teller

Why admit to inept and unequal trade agreements when touting lower prices and competition while consumers (us) are less and less able to purchse anything other than food .

Why acknowledge that we are spending billions on a war fought over lies when we can scream, cut and run in an attempt to smear anyone who disagrees with the war. BTW Just today the government of Iraq stated that it wanted a timetable for American withdrawl. Gee now that the very country we supposedly saved from tyrrany wants a timetable can they still scream cut a run and try to use this phony arguement against democrats and others who already knew we need to get out.
I might add that the false argument over talking to our enemies came to mind regarding the Iraqi timetable request, but what really ocurred to me is that Bush Cheney and McCain apparantly dont believe in talking to our friends either.

While there are many more examples why America needs change, real change, not McCain change, we all must know the same old labels will be used, but this time a whole lot of us are ready counter those labels with some we have for the intellectually bankrupt entrenched right.

Iraq, try Borrow and Bleed Conservatives, or Lie and Featherbed conservatives (Haliburton and KBR), on the economy try Bankrupt and Outsource conservatives, and on how they really feel about Americans in general, Deceive and Divide conservatives.

While it is critical that Obama continue to form the new politics we all do deserve, it is imperative that in the trenches, the republican machine no longer gets a free pass on its distortions, lies and outright demeaning campaign tactics and be put on notice WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARENT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

American needs real change, not merely some tweeking of what got us where we are. We must not fear change but embrace it, we must all be willing to do our part to move America ahead with pride and unity, not divsion.

July 7, 2008 at 7:39 PM 
Anonymous FatCats4Camp said...

wow! how smart.

the GOP left this state bereft of any money with their policies. they have driven this country to the bottom of the list.

good job guys!

July 8, 2008 at 9:20 AM 

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