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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Read The Fine Print

     Read the Fine Print
     Buyer beware.  Or more correctly, voters beware.
     Since last December, somebody has been paying up to $2.50 per name to collect petition signatures to dramatically revamp 36 sections of the Michigan constitution.  Until several weeks ago this stealth campaign was just that.
     If some group or groups want to generate voter support for these changes, why not inform the electorate from the outset unless there was a hidden agenda?     
     And there was.  If nobody knew anything about the secret campaign, than the opponents could not counter attack to discourage citizens from signing the petitions.
     Recently Mark Brewer, who runs the Michigan Democratic Party, acknowledged that he supports this effort and lots of folks believe, he actually helped  write it.  He has not disclosed where the millions of dollars came from to pay for the petition names.
      In the meantime the proposition is now getting plenty of ink.
      Brewer now wants the public to know some of the elements in the plan: salaries for lawmakers, the governor and others would be slashed; the 110 member house and 38 member senate would be slashed to 82 and 28 members respectively and the State Supreme Court and State Appeals Courts would be reduced, too.  That has tremendous curb side appeal to tax weary citizens.  But the plan does more than that.  Lots more.
       So while this looks like a cost saving plan, Brewer has another hidden agenda.  Many of the other changes seek to reduce the influence of the GOP in state government which is why the state GOP is going ballistic.
      It looks like this Trojan Horse will get to the ballot in November if Brewer can file enough signatures by July 7th.  Then the battle royale will begin.
      Not telling ya how to vote on this puppy, but to repeat, voters beware.


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