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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bishop Ponders A.G. Contest

     To no one's surprise in this town, the senate GOP leader confirms he is thinking about running for state attorney general but reserves a final decision for later on.
      In his most extensive comments to date to Right Michigan, the conservative blog, Rochester Hills Senator Mike Bishop confesses, "I'm extremely interested in that option.  I believe I'm well suited for it" and in case you missed the point he tacks on, "I believe I would thrive in that department…"
      Roll out the "Bishop for A.G." bumper stickers?
      The Majority Leader who will be out of work in two years due to term limits says he has experience in prosecution and consumer law and he boasts, "It's really been my focus in the legislature so far to protect the consumer."
     Bishop hints it might be a refreshing change from laboring in a politically divided legislature where the democrats run the house and the governor's office to being in the executive branch where he would run the whole show concluding, "If there is an opportunity to lead the Executive branch in the future I would consider that option with equal vigor."
     Bishop's name has been on the speculation list for months regarding the A.G.'s post.  Asked several week ago about a potential match up with his senate democratic colleague Gretchen Whitmer, Bishop laughed it off suggesting he had more important things to worry about at the moment.
    If he gets into the race in two years, he'd have a bigger worry than Whitmer at the outset.  He'd have to beat another GOP contender, Bill Schuette, for the nomination.  Schuette, who relinquished a sure seat on the State Court of Appeals to run for A.G., has more statewide election experience that Bishop, but that may be irrelevant since the nomination is not decided by the voters but in a party convention.
    Bishop says, "We'll assess it as we go forward and as that date gets closer make a determination."


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