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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Will Get Nasty

    This Will Get Nasty
        There are lots of unwritten rules in politics, none of which they teach in school.  Near the top of the list is:  You never challenge an incumbent office holder from your own party.  It is simply a no-no.
        Apparently State Senator Martha Scott and former State Rep. Mary Waters didn't get that memo. The two Detroit democrats are taking on incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick this August in what has all the makings of a knock-down, drag-out battle royale and it's only June.
        Waters has clearly been the aggressor so far.  She opened her campaign by suggesting that Ms. Kilpatrick had not filed enough petition signatures to run for reelection.  But then Waters had to sheepishly confess, she got that wrong.
        Now comes Waters with billboards and possible TV commercials dragging a certain Mayor of Detroit into the race involving his mother.  Oh my, and it's only June.
        The ad runs a clip from a 2005 campaign rally in which Mom Kilpatrick is exhorting the crowd to "Don't let nobody talk about yaw's boy."
         And then the Water's camp tacks on this line, "Sorry, Congresswoman, but we deserve much better than yaw's boy."  Oh yeah, the spot also says something about "eight felony counts"…whatever that means.
         And it's only June.
         For her part Senator Scott, who has never been a cog in the Kilpatrick political machine, refuses to join in the "fun" even though the Mayor tried to take her out the last time she ran for the senate.
         "I didn't bring her son's problems in the race," she asserts and adds she has no plans to do so.  Asked if Waters was wrong to do so, Scott punted, "You will have to ask that person." 
          But she does suggest that Mom Kilpatrick has not done a very good job of representing the district and concludes, "I am much better than her."
          And it's only June.


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