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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nothing To Smile About

  Nothing To Smile About
       There will be some of you who will file this under, "Kick Her While She Is Down" but honestly that is not the intent.
       Reporters have an ingrained bias when it comes to covering politicians i.e. you want access and the ability to talk with them.
       If you were to poll the boys and girls on the bus, the infamous Straight Talk Express, you'd find that while many of the correspondents don't agree with John McCain's policy statements, they like the guy cause they can get at him.
       Such was not the case with the recently departed candidate Hillary Clinton.  Accessibility to the media has never been one of her strong suits…never.
       One recalls an appearance years ago at the MSU auditorium.  Ms. Clinton, then First Lady, gave a speech and foolishly, a reporter thought he could get in a few questions much like interviewing the governor.
       Not even close. As the Hill worked the rope line, there was this  wall of aides around her and if you even thought about sticking a microphone in her face, you got "that" look and if the look didn't work, you got the heave ho.
      So when it came to her weekend farewell speech, you were left to watch from afar.  The soon to be ex-candidate hit all the right notes.  She thanked her backers; she said she was ending her effort; she embraced Obama for president and pledged to worked as hard as she could to get him into the White House and much to the delight of the Obama camp she urged her 18 million supporters to do the same.
     It was beautifully scripted except she left out one thing…her smile.
     Having watched her from afar on C-Span for months, whenever Ms. Clinton delivered a good line, it was followed by a very nice smile that stretched from one side of her face to the other.
     But there was none of that in her concession speech which left the impression that she may have said all the right things, but her heart was not in it.
     Maybe someday some enterprising reporter will get a chance to ask her if that's true?


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