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Monday, June 2, 2008

Bishop's Slip Of The Lip

      Bishop's Slip Of The Lip
         If Oakland County Senator Mike Bishop has any designs on running for higher office, he better re-think his rhetorical ruffles and flourishes surrounding the smoking ban issue.
         The scene:  Mackinac Island in front of a very pro-business group.
         The issue: a smoking ban in work places, bars, eateries, and other public places.
          The screw-up:  Bishop is waxing on about how he personally opposes government interference into the private sector while at the same time he acknowledges there is a concern over second hand smoke and the health of employees.
          He detects a disapproving rumble in the crowd on the workplace smoking issue and Bishop says, "I know that's a concern, but it's a small number of people."  Small number…oh.oh.
          Now the rumbling escalates, but the good senator inserts his foot deeper into his mouth. He tacks on this ditty: "These people have the opportunity in this state to choose where they work as well."
         So in thirty short seconds Bishop manages to diminish the magnitude of the work place health issue and basically tells workers to find another job if they don't like it.  Good luck doing that in Michigan.
         "We have to figure out that issue as well," he tried to regain some respectability by saying he would work on the employee second hand smoke question.
         He also warned the disgruntled audience that it should be careful because once government starts to interfere, who knows where it will end?
         Dollars to donuts some democrat in the audience will get a hold of the video tape and if Bishop runs for something, he may have to confront his words again and again as they may pop up in an attack ad someday down the road. 


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