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Monday, May 19, 2008

D's Going After the Chief

  Going After the Chief
        Eight years ago the Michigan Democratic Party came up with one of the most unique and entertaining campaign commercials in recent memory as it targeted three members of the State Supreme Court for extinction.
        But the now infamous, "Markman, Taylor and Young, Oh My" commercial backfired.  Instead of sending GOP justice Steve Markman, Cliff Taylor and Robert Young to the showers, the commercial actually increased the trio's name ID with the voters and they waltzed into office.
       State Democratic Party chair Mark Brewer argues this year will be different.
       There is only one republican up for reelection and Brewer has made Chief Justice Taylor a marked man calling him the party's second top priority after winning back the White House.
       If the D's couldn't nail Taylor last time, what's changed?
       "We now have a record," shoots back Brewer and based on a series of high court decisions, Brewer will tell the voters that Taylor has done "untold human damage" with his decisions.
       The TV commercials this time could be rather gruesome, as the party will argue Taylor's decisions have denied justice to a plethora of citizens including a little girl who was killed by a drunk driver because she was walking in the street during a snowstorm. The Taylor court found the City of Lansing was not culpable for not plowing the sidewalks.
       There will be other ads claiming a Flint family was denied justice in a rape case and on and on it will go.
       Brewer seems driven to bounce Taylor.  In fact he is driving Taylor's previously owned state vehicle.  That's not a joke.  When the media reported the state's seven justices had state owned cars and Taylor used his to go shopping, the justices decided to sell the cars and Brewer purchase Taylor's.
       Brewer uses the car to "prove" Taylor has abused his salary and perks.
       The GOP, on behalf of Taylor, dismisses all of the Brewer attacks as baseless.
      Nonetheless, brace yourself for a campaign that could cost both sides $20 million dollars making it the most expensive Supreme Court contest in state history.  The democrats are missing one element in all this however....a candidate to take on the Chiefy.


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