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Monday, May 12, 2008

Jack Who Takes On Levin

Jack Who Takes On Levin
       During his 30 years in the U.S. Senate one of the annoying inconveniences of life for Carl Levin has been running for reelection.  That's because  the state GOP has been unable to scrounge up a challenger who made Mr. Levin break a sweat.
       Jack Hoogendyk has all the potential to keep the string going because you're going Jack who?  Right?
       The affable and conservative lawmaker from Kalamazoo supposedly filed enough petition signatures to gain the right to take on Levin and become the next sacrificial lamb to try but fail to oust the popular incumbent.
      "I am honored and humbled," that 300 volunteers helped me collect the 30,000 signatures that we are turning in, Hoogy tells reporters in this town.
       That was the easy part.
        Now how does he succeed where legions before him have failed?
      "Levin will have a tough time defending three areas.  (1) He's for higher taxes. (2) He's for big government and (3) he's for spending with no end in sight.  The voters are fed up," the GOP hopeful begins.
       With all due respect, that's pretty much the same boilerplate lingo others have used to no avail, and voters apparently have not had enough of Levin who begins the race with a comfortable 54%-37% margin over the challenger who called it a "pretty good start."
       Here are the facts of life:  Levin will have a war chest as big as Rhode Island.  Hoogendyk won't.  Levin has won with a coalition of died in the wool democrats along with independents and a smattering of republicans.  Hoogendyk will probably hold the far right wing of the GOP and that may be it.  Levin has the mantle of invincibility.  Hoogendyk has a campaign slogan that could cost him votes.
       On all of his campaign literature is the logo "Jack08."
       How long do you think it will take the democrats to start calling Hoogendyk "Jack0?"
      Jacko as in Michael Jackson.
      "That's the first I've heard of that," Hoogendyk laughed when the subject was brought up adding, "Hey what ever gets people's attention you want."
        Yeah, but do you want to be associated with the oft maligned Mr. Jackson.
        Jack08 answers, "No comment."
         Nuf said.


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