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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

  It Could Have Been Worse
       The governor is a deeply religious woman and while there is no proof of this, one suspects that she has felt the hand of the Good Lord in her life the last few days.
       Stuck in a Lansing hospital room with only her Blackberry, the tube, and her private thoughts, Jennifer Granholm is probably reflecting that her fate could have been a lot worse regarding her twisted intestine that's been corrected by emergency surgery.
       She was scheduled to be on the big bird en route to an economic mission to the Middle East and if she had been in the air when this intestinal thing hit her….well you can do the math.
       Her doctor did.
       "It could have been an emergency," he quietly reflected.
        Instead, all of this came to a head starting last Sunday when she did not feel good.  Trooper that she is, she hustled down to Detroit to hear the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Returning home, she felt worse but declined her hubby's offer to get medical help.
       "Let's see how I feel in the morning, and if I'm not any better, I'll go," she reassured Dan Mulhern.
         Monday rolled around and the pain in her tummy shot up even higher after a night of throwing up, not being able to drink liquids and not being able to sleep. 
         She was sick and in deep pain and by Tuesday night she was under the knife…all this just hours before she was to have left the country.
         What might have been, did not unfold.
         But now the tough part.  Doctors say she has to stay in the hospital for a week and after that, two more weeks at home.
         For this energizer governor who can't sit still, it will be hard medicine to swallow.
         And her doctor knows it.  "She is strong willed," poor Dr. Timothy McKenna observed admitting that he had not yet worked up the courage to tell her about the three-week hiatus.
         Which is another sign of the Good Lord at work--- she needs the rest.


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