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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wright is Wrong for Obama

Wright Is Wrong for Obama
      You're not going to hear a chorus of Stand By Your Man from the Barack Obama camp regarding the candidate's former pastor and spiritual adviser.
       In fact in the wake of two nationwide appearances of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright this week, Mr. Obama was in full damage control mode including a televised statement where he put even more distance between himself and the good Reverend.
       Is it too little, too late?
      State Senator Alma Wheeler Smith, who was inclined to endorse Hillary Clinton but at the urging of her son went for Obama instead, admits there's been some collateral damage.
      Referring to the Rev. the senator says, "I think he's been a difficult addition to the campaign…It's unfortunate."
      But the African American legislator believes the "hurt" is not insurmountable.
      Also checking in is the former vice chair of the state Democratic Party "Butch" Hollowell.
      "I love Barack Obama. I think he is terrific," the close friend of the governor gushes.
       As for Rev. Wright, Hollowell, who is also Black, is less joyful.
       Asked if Wright is a diversion for the campaign he concludes, "I'm not sure."
       Asked if Wright is hurting Obama, Hollowell believes the issue is being "blown out of proportion" and in the end "the quality and humanity (of Obama) will ultimately bring the country together."
       Which means Hollowell does not want to get into the Wright mess.
       Unfortunately the candidate does not have the same luxury.
       And based on the distance Obama is trying to create, it's unlikely Rev. Wright will be the Billy Granham to Barack Obama if he ever gets to the White House.


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