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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dueling Diplomas

  Dueling Diplomas
        Governor Granholm's list of legislative accomplishments is not that massive, so when somebody talks about taking the polish off of her beefed up high school curriculum requirements, she is not in a compromising mood.
        That does not faze fellow democrat Rep. Joel Sheltrown one bit.  The West Branch lawmaker is locking horns with the governor because he is adamant about creating a duel high school diploma system with one sheep skin for college bound kids and one for students with vocational skills.
        The governor sees that as lowering the standards. Sheltrown counters not every kid wants a four-year education and adds, "I'm not lowering the standards.  I have a different curriculum" for the carpenters, building trades men and women and mechanics of the future.
        He warns if some accommodation is not made in the current math and science laden class load, the state is headed for a "train wreck" as more and more students drop out of school rather than tackle Algebra II, Chemistry and the like.
       The last thing this state needs is a higher drop out rate.
       So Sheltrown is basically ignoring the governor for the moment and will hook-up with Oakland County democrat Tim Melton who chairs the House Education committee.  A work group will be formed to develop a two high school diploma system.
       And if Sheltrown convinces enough colleagues to adopt it, then the governor has a tough choice: veto it or acknowledge that her first blue print was not responsive to the non-college student. 


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