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Thursday, April 3, 2008


     It will not cost him the overall election, but if Barack Obama loses the Pennsylvania primary in two weeks, the number 37 will be the reason why.
     In modern day politics, every politician worth his or her salt tries, often in unnatural ways, to identify with voters.  Former V.P. and millionaire Dan Quayle was famous for stopping the campaign bus on a dime to dash into the local burger joint to pump paws with the locals and practice spelling the word potato on the French fry menu. 
    So it was only natural that the vote hungry and very non-blue collar guy named Obama would want to cuddle up to the very blue collar folks who reside in Altoona, P.A.
     Which is why the network TV crews captured a very clumsy candidate at a local bowling alley racking up an astounding score of 37 for ten frames.  (We're assuming he did not get any bonus balls in the 11th and 12th frames.)
     Didn't anybody on his crack campaign staff bother to ask him if he knew how to bowl?  And if they did and he said no, why didn't they squeeze in some practice frames out of the camera view first?
     So there he was with the blue-collar guys looking on as he unceremoniously tossed one gutter ball after another.  You can hear the snickers in the bar.  "He sure ain't one of us."
     The network and cable news hounds have played it over and over. Comedian and phony anchor-guy Jon Stewart did a whole segment on it during the Daily Show and if anybody in Pennsylvania felt closer to Barack Obama as a resulted of the ill fated escapade to "be one of them", they must be relatives.
     The first lesson of politics is be yourself.  Anybody remember the presidential contender who rode around in a tank with a helmet on his head?
      Barack Obama meet Michael Dukakis…you now have something in common.


Blogger truthteller said...

Apparently, Sen. Obama has managed to match his bowling prowess with his Senate record. Both reflect a very low score.

When I think of those politicians who are most disingenuous when it comes to faking their blue-collar credentials, my thoughts turn to one John Kerry. There he was out surfing the waves, looking every bit the average, middle class surfer guy. In reality, he is a millionaire who looks down his blue-blood nose at the ignorant middle class.

Obama's advisors would have been well advised to have offered him a few pointers about public attempts at doing something you are not accomplished at, but they didn't. The interesting consequence is that the net result will only be a few laughs. Obama has proved to be like Teflon. Despite the rantings of his advisor and pastor, he took in record amounts of new cash from record numbers of donors in March.

Pennsylvania should be an interesting contest. Hillary is ahead in the early polls, but Obama has shown himself to be impervious to critical examination.

We shall see.

Best Regards,

April 5, 2008 at 7:47 PM 

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