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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ramsey To Run Again

  Ramsey to Run Again
       "I'm going to file," the voice on the other end of the phone announced.
         And with that John Ramsey is running for the Michigan House for a second time after losing to Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer two years ago by 500 votes.
         Ramsey, the father of JonBenet Ramsey who was found murdered in the family home in 1996, says he is "committed" to running and only has to file the paper work to make it official.
         "This was the last thing on my mind," Ramsey says right after "what are we having for dinner?" But when Elsenheimer decided to relinquish his seat to bid for a seat on the state appellate court, Ramsey got phone calls from local GOP leaders urging him to run.
           He would not have run if the incumbent had stayed in the race.  "Absolutely correct," he says.  "It is tough to beat an incumbent."
           He goes into the contest having "learned a lot" from his last venture into elective politics.  "It is a lot of work," he says but "I'm eager to get the state on the right course."
           Ramsey says part of that right course is enacting a part time legislature. He believes it is a structural reform the state needs.
           He is already piecing back together his campaign team saying, "so far so good." 
           Ramsey, whose father James once chaired the state Aeronautics Commission, has a summer home in Charlevoix and says he is excited about running again in the 105th district, but he will have plenty of company as at least three other GOPers are in the hunt, too.


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