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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ramsey Re-Do in the Works

     Ramsey Re-Do in the Works
          Your name was plastered all over every tabloid rag in the country; the mainstream media had a field day dragging your name through the mad, and here you are poised to maybe run for political office which will shove you into the unsavory limelight all over again.
          Why would John Ramsey want to do that?
          You may get a chance to ask him as he considers another bid for the Michigan House of Representatives this August.
          If your memory is failing you, Ramsey and now deceased spouse Patsy were suspects in the Christmas death of their young daughter JonBenet. 
          The murdered and strangled little girl was found in the family basement in a case that drew national headlines but has quietly been shuffled into the cold case files.
           In 2004 Ramsey actually ran for the house seat from Charlevoix and made a respectable showing on the stump even though he ended up losing to Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer by a mere 500 votes.
            Well, Elsenheimer is running for another post and the house seat is now up for grabs and the GOP party big wigs up there are asking Ramsey to re-do his run for office.
            Ramsey was asked the question posed in paragraph two of this blog and his answer on why he would re-open this chapter in his life went like this:  We want to "put the notoriety to work for the public good."
            If he decides to run again, he'll get a chance and the tabloids and Larry King can hardly wait because next to the murder of the young college woman in Aruba, the JonBent murder is a sure ratings winner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can he beat Dennis Lennox? He couldn't beat Elsenheimer.

March 31, 2008 at 7:14 PM 

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