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Monday, March 17, 2008

Term Limits Linked To Re-Do?

 Term Limits Linked to Re-do?
        Assuming there is another democratic presidential primary in Michigan, and that is a huge assumption, there is informal talk below the radar about tacking on a term limit question on the statewide ballot, too.
        Last week during a closed door meeting with leaders from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the governor raised the issue.  She supports the modification of term limits and so does the chamber so it was only natural that she picked the Chamber's brain on how to get there.
        No final decisions were made but the fact that the governor brought it up points to more than a casual interest in linking term limits to the race for president.
       Rich Studley from the chamber who was in the room reports that his group did not embrace the idea but he quickly adds, "I don't want it to be characterized that we slammed the door or shut the door.  It was just a "Hey what do ya think?" type conversation with the governor.
       The chamber tried to piggyback a change in the term limit law when lawmakers were drafting the ill-fated January 15th prez vote, but it never got beyond the, "sure-wish-we-could-agree-on-this stage.
        Based on the soundings in this town, ditto for this second effort this week.
        With the Obama folks making noises that they don't want a re-do, House Speaker Andy Dillon won't do squat on the primary.  His democratic caucus is all over the lot with some for Hillary and some for Barack and Dillon doesn't need another civil war inside his party.
        So the chances of a term limit thing showing up on the June 3rd ballot are remote at best and non-existent at worse.


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