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Friday, March 7, 2008

Could McCain Pull An Austin?

 Could McCain Pull an Austin?
       Anybody remember Dick Austin?
       Austin was Michigan's Secretary of State for what seemed like a hundred years but in his 84th year, he ran for re-election and had s senior moment---right in front of a statewide TV audience.  It cost him the election.
       Is John McCain next?
       Democrats sure hope so as they keep an eagle eye on the 71-year-old GOP nominee for president looking for some sign of age, weakness or other senior moment that might cost him votes.
       Mark Grebner who runs a liberal democratic consulting firm believes the GOP is taking a risk by going with McCain saying, "He is a gamble."
       There are all sorts of what if's that could befall a senior citizen including stumbling through a speech, falling asleep in front of the cameras (even a younger Bill Clinton did that recently), stumbling and falling down the steps like Jerry Ford, or ending up in the hospital for whatever reason.
      "20% of those 71 and older go to the hospital regularly," Grebner suggests.
        Any one or combination of those things could mean "That is all she wrote" Grebner tells the Off the Record public TV panel this week.
        So far McCain has demonstrated no such propensity. He also gets a break now because he's no longer embroiled in a grueling and competitive campaign schedule.
        Heck he may even have time for a nap.  But you'll never see a picture of that.


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