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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now What Democrats?

  Now What Democrats?
       The on-again-off-again relevance of the Michigan delegation to the national democratic convention is back being on-again in the wake of Hillary Clinton's comeback wins in Ohio and Texas.
        Even though Barack Obama has a lead in the total delegate count, his supporters in Michigan concede he won't have the nomination wrapped up by this summer and neither will she.
        Detroit Senator Buzz Thomas on that:  "We see no mathematical scenarios where he does not go to the convention in Denver with a lead in delegates."
        Reminded however that Obama can't get to the magic 2025 number to nail down the nomination, he adds, "There is no one's math that gets them to 2025 before Denver."
        Which brings the embattled Michigan delegation back into play with the prospects of deciding the eventual winner if the race remains this close throughout the summer.
        "Michigan and Florida are very relevant again and it's going to create some tension" both at the national and state levels, he observes.
        Thomas says it would be a "catastrophe" if Michigan decides the winner or if "super delegates decide it vs. the popular vote" across the nation.
        To avoid that he was thinking about assembling all the Michigan super delegates to work out a seating chart, but he never sent the letter because he figured his guy would wrap up the nomination.
        "It would have been very easy for us to resolve Michigan last night," he said on Wednesday, but Clinton ruined that by winning big in those two states.
          Now the focus shifts to the March 28th Michigan Democratic Party caucus where delegates will be selected.  Thomas wants to make sure the uncommitted delegates "remain uncommitted but leaning toward Obama."
          Clinton backers may have something to say about that including the governor who observes, "You don't know what uncommitted means. This is unsettling."
          Thomas and Gov. Granholm agree on one thing, the two combatants need to stop combating.
           "I hope for no more negative campaigning," Thomas says.
            The governor chuckles, "We don't like to eat our young."


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