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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ficano For Gov? Not Yet

Ficano for Gov?  Not Yet
     Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano drove from Livonia to East Lansing through a snowstorm to be on TV on Friday. He did not land in a snow bank enroute, but things got slippery en-studio.
      The Off the Record public TV crew, of course, wanted to know Ficano's take on all things Kwame.  Ficano did not call on the Detroit Mayor to resign nor did he really say that Kilpatrick should stay on.  He expressed faith in the judicial system to work its way through this morass, and he noted that the Mayor had an important role to play on Cobo Hall and other matters.
       Ficano pledged to work with the mayor in the middle of all the hub-bub.
       But the headline writers at the Detroit News and Free Press drew a different conclusion. Both papers suggested Ficano was advising the mayor to stay put and not resign.  Trouble is, Ficano never said it.
       Suffice it to say, Ficano's office had something to do on Friday afternoon i.e. they went into damage control to clarify his TV statements. The statement noted that it was the mayor's decision not to step down.
       On his own political future, Ficano says he loves his current job but when pressed about running for governor in 2010, Ficano admitted, "I'll take a look at it, sure."
       He did not dare going any further than that for fear it could mess up his crusade to expand Cobo Hall.  After all if the republicans in Lansing got wind of a Ficano for Governor effort, they just might be reluctant to give him some state dollars to get the job done.
        Naw, they wouldn't put politics in front of public policy?
        In a New York minute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ficano is a crook. He should resign with Kilpartick

March 6, 2008 at 6:46 PM 
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March 19, 2008 at 9:47 PM 

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