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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Mo vs. No Mo

If you hooked up a seismograph to the Clinton and Obama campaigns, you would see no movement on her needle and his would be off the Rector scale.
Put another way, he has Big Mo for momentum and she has none as both campaigns move toward a showdown on March 4th in Texas and Ohio which could be her Waterloo.
Hillary Clinton is on the ropes and you can tell because she is desperate. When she complains that he is plagiarizing his speeches, you know she's in trouble.
The Clinton folks are so discombobulated that they uncovered and then trotted out a kindergarten essay by little Barak Obama saying he wanted to be president. Come on.
So much of politics these days is based on feel. Watch a Clinton stump speech and you get the feeling we've heard all this stuff before. View Obama's stump speech and you get the feeling we've heard it all before, but you feel good hearing it all over again.
In Michigan the Obama forces are putting the heat on Clinton super delegates to defect. These are the big wigs in the party.
But most of the "supers" are supporting Ms. Clinton because she and her husband supported them when they ran for office. It is payback time. The Hill and the Bill expect them to stay on board the S.S. Clinton as it sinks slowly in the west.
What the Obama folks fear most is that their guy will win the popular vote around the country, but with her stash of super delegates, Clinton could win the nomination in the backroom at the convention.
Detroit Senator and Obama backer Tupac Hunter is blunt: "If they go in the back room and my guy loses because super delegates decide, "Well we're going to ignore the rest of the country, and we're going to pick our nominee," well that would be problematic."
And that would be an understatement. It would mean Michigan democrats would be deeply divided going into the fall election and over in the corner you can hear John McCain applauding.


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