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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too Much Mother's Milk

If money is the mother's milk of politics, former candidate for president Mitt Romney's cow was too fat.
The Monday morning quarterbacking continues on Michigan's adopted native son and why his well-heeled campaign collapsed because he had too much money.
One of the Michigan financial backers for Romney explains, if the candidate had fewer bucks, he would have campaigned in New Hampshire and stayed out of Iowa. Instead, because he had a bankroll large enough to do it, he hit both states and lost both, and after that, he never fully recovered.
Some believe Romney would have been better off to ignore the corn state because he ran into voter sentiment that questioned his Mormon faith. The push back turned out to be stronger than anticipated.
Despite his well-received speech on religion, one Romney supporter on the ground in Iowa reports, "We kept running into voters who wanted to know if Romney's religion taught that Jesus and the Devil were related?"
This source contends it was tough to overcome what he terms that "religious bigotry."
Romney also had problems with the "passion" thing. This source confesses the son of former Gov. George Romney never really connected on an emotional level with his audiences.
In addition Romney had enough money to surround himself with high-priced campaign aides and since they where there, he delegated too much of his speech writing to them, this source reveals.
"The two best speeches he gave, he wrote himself," a Romney backer reports. First there was the one on religion and ironically the last one, when Romney appeared before a conservative group and announced he was pulling out of the race for the "good of the party."
Maybe the next time he runs for office, he'll leave some of his stash in his CD's.


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