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Monday, February 11, 2008

Soviet-Style Elections

    Soviet Style Elections
           Staging a Democratic Party caucus to select Michigan's convention delegates is like a "Soviet style election.  If you don't like the results, do it again….no one in their right mind would suggest that."
            That's the take of former Gov. Jim Blanchard who co-chairs the Hillary Clinton effort in Michigan.
            Blanchard understands that Barak Obama supporters in Michigan want a piece of the convention delegation and Blanchard says talks toward that end should begin.  But he says the talks begin with the premise that his candidate gets 55% of the seats.
            "They are entitled to some accommodation,' Blanchard comments on the unfolding flap over the composition of the state delegation to this summer's democratic national convention in Denver.
             Blanchard argues the man to resolve this impasse is Michigan's senior senator Carl Levin who has never declared his preference for Clinton or Obama.  "
             "He is neutral," Blanchard says and the national Democratic Party which threatens to lock out the state delegation should "climb off the limb they are on and it should be sooner not later."  He wants a resolution prior to the convention when the acrimony could be at a fever pitch especially if the Michigan delegation could secure the nomination for Clinton.
            Blanchard has never been a fan of the caucus system claiming it is open to manipulation by party leaders.  "The primary is the way to go," he argues and to create another caucus now is "absurd."

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Anonymous Tightlie said...

Blanchard wouldn't certainly know about "manipulation by party leaders." How about those Super Delegates. Talk about ripe for manipulation of the nomination!

February 11, 2008 at 1:30 PM 
Blogger stuarta said...

Blanchard's comments are just plain absurd. Michigan's Democratic leadership knowingly broke the rules and now wants to be rewarded for it. I have been disenfranchised! I have been denied the ability to vote for the candidate of my choice by Michigan's Clinton machine. To think that the results of our so called primary is valid is ridiculous. If this wasn't so important it would be laughable. I wonder how the Michigan mucky mucks would view this situation if Clinton had not been on the ballot and Obama had been? Almost seems Bushesque doesn't it.
The Democratic leadership in Michigan needs to take a DEEP breath, take a step back, and see what is right and just for all of Michigan. Right now you are looking foolish. You are guilty of playing party politics to the extreme, at the cost of disenfrancising your state's party. And all for supporting the losing candidate! Get off your high horse and do what is right!
We have two viable options; We either need a Do Over at the expense of the Democratic Party or Michigan's delegates should not be seated. Blanchard, Dingle and the rest of the Hillary backers should not be rewarded for for violating the rules. This is one political trick that would make Bush proud!
Michigan's Democratic leadership needs to do what is right and just for all of our citizens.

February 13, 2008 at 6:32 AM 

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