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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama, Jackson and Sharpton

Something You'll Never See
       One picture is worth a thousand words.  And there is one picture that could cost Barak Obama more than a thousand votes.  In fact that picture could cost him the election.
       If Lansing democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter Joel Ferguson is right, you will never see a photograph with Obama and African-American leaders Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.
       First blush, you would assume the trio would be the three amigos on the campaign trail.  They have a common agenda to help the disadvantaged.  They have a common agenda to advance civil rights, but what they don't share is a desire by Obama to use them to win the White House according to Ferguson.
      Big Joel, who is close to Jackson, believes Obama is deliberately avoiding appearing in public with Jackson and Sharpton because it could cost him votes with the white community.
      Right now Ferguson argues Obama has aligned himself with Oprah Winfrey who is very popular with white citizens. But you won't see Obama with those two guys because some white voters are turned off by the rhetoric and tactics of Jackson and Sharpton.
      They are lightening rods and Obama wants no part of that especially if it will cost him white support.
      Jackson has appeared on the cable political shows and talks about Obama in positive terms, but Ferguson says Jackson has not been asked to campaign with the Illinois senator and it's not because the invite was lost in the mail.
      Fergy figures the invite will never be sent and the picture of the three African American leaders will never be seen.

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