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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Miller and Archer for Governor

  Miller and Archer for Governor?
        It was a chance meeting and nobody had a camera.  Too bad because it could have been the first photo of the candidates for governor in 2010.
       Macomb County GOP Congresswoman Candice Miller and former Detroit Democratic Mayor Dennis Archer embraced when they spotted each other just before they both testified on a bill to clean up Michigan's driver's license law.
       Wonder if she knew he had not ruled out a run for governor and vice versa?
       Miller has clearly not.
       "I'm thinking about it (and) I'm not going to close any doors," was her first response to, "Do you want to?"
       Word in the deepest recesses of the capitol has been that she is already running, and she even said as much at a GOP gathering on Mackinac Island last fall according to a republican office holder from West Michigan.
      If so, Miller does not want to go there just yet but she's already got a story line if she jumps in.
     "I've certainly had a number of people indicate that they would like to have somebody run for governor who actually has a proven track record of managing state government."
      Well not quite. She did run the Secretary of State's office for eight years but it's a stretch to profess she ran the entire government.  Maybe she misspoke?
      But there was no mistake about her next comment aimed at the current occupant of the front office.  Miller snarily added, "There's a real deficiency of any management in state government and the governor's office right now."
      When pressed if she was doing more than just thinking about it, Miller stayed on that message and advised, "I'm trying to be sincere and trying to be as candid as I can.  I've honestly made no determination."
      And frankly she and Archer have something in common…neither has he, but he is not talking.
      Archer's name has not been on anybodies list of potential candidates, but a source familiar with his thinking reveals he is "watching."
      And that's probably because some time ago, his name popped up on a list of possible candidates and he came in with just over 10% support.  While that may seem like chump change, it's rather startling in that he has pretty much been off the political radar screen for years.
      Wouldn't it be ironic?  The nation is watching a showdown between a Caucasian woman and an African-American man for the White House. 
     Michigan might have it's own version of the same thing in two years.
     Archer vs. Miller? 
     Could happen.

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