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Monday, February 18, 2008

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

 Pot Calling the Kettle Black
      Shame, shame on John McCain for pulling a Romney.
      Whether you like John McCain or not, he got style points from independent and moderate voters because he said what he believed and he did not pander for votes.  What you saw is what you got.
      And the Arizona Senator was not bashful about blasting others who changed their mind on this issue or that.  Former GOP candidate for president Mitt Romney can testify to that.
      But alas, in his desperate attempt to curry favor with the far right wing of the GOP, McCain has done what Romney did: He flipped his flopper on the no tax pledge.
      Last September McCain, the maverick, told the AP, "I don't have to sign pledges."
      Now the chameleon McCain tells ABC news he will sign.  His new mantra is "no new taxes."
      Moderate and independent voters who propelled McCain to a win over George W. Bush in Michigan 6 years ago won't like this one iota.
      They see through the promise as nothing more than a feeble attempt to line up votes from folks who claim McCain is not conservative enough to warrant the GOP nomination for president.
      The no tax pledge may well solidify his shaky ultra-conservative base. However in the general election moderates and independents will think twice about a guy who claimed to talk straight. Then when it was politically expedient, he talked like every other politician who is willing to bend his or her principles in order to win.

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