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Friday, February 22, 2008

Clinton's Waterloo

Hillary Clinton's Waterloo could be in Texas and or Ohio.
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, who still backs Clinton for president, admits that the outcome of the primaries in those two states on March 4th could determine the outcome of the contest with Barak Obama.
Stabenow concedes if Clinton loses in those two states, "It will be difficult for her (to win) if she does." No, duh!
Concerning all the speculation that the Michigan democratic delegation could determine the eventual nominee if the race remains neck and neck, Stabenow is not from that school.
She tells reporters in Lansing, ""I don't think it will go to the convention…we have to let this play out in the country. We may well know who our nominee is within the next month. I think Ohio and Texas may very well decide it."
If the spirited contest is not resolve in Ohio and Texas, Stabenow says the final outcome could play out in Pennsylvania after that.
Another important Clinton backer around here echoes Stabenow. Lt. Gov. John Cherry is pretty good at reading the handwriting on the wall and it's painfully clear, Clinton is facing her final curtain unless she pulls it out. He's not predicting it, but Cherry seems resigned to that outcome.
Cherry and Stabenow are in good company. Even wanna-be First Hubby Bill Clinton has said it's Ohio and Texas or the showers for his wife.
Somebody warm up the hot water back in New York.


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