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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get Out The Pliers

  Get Out the Pliers
       They don't teach oral surgery in journalism school but by gum they should.
       Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get politicians to admit something especially when it relates to their future plans.  Bring up the subject and they suddenly get lockjaw.
       Patient Paul Gieleghem of Macomb County is a perfect example.
       Everybody and his uncle knows that the former state lawmaker is interested in becoming Macomb County Executive, if local voters create the post sometime soon.
       So when Pauly showed-up on the house floor the other day chit chatting with former democratic colleagues, he was fair game.
       So, you interested in running for county executive?
       "Ah, I think it'd be a great job." But he wisely notes the post has to be created first.  Fair enough.
       But he didn't answer the question on his interest.
       So, should we put your name on the list?
       "At this point no.  We need to create the post first."
       Where did we hear that before?
        So then, tell me you won't run.
        Dead air.
         Repeat of same question.
        Repeat of same dead air.
        The reluctant patient was reminded all of this was being recorded for use on the radio and it would be nice if he provided some sound.
        "We're going to take a look at every option that's out there," he finally gives some ground.
          In other words, if he gets reelected to the county commission, and the voters create a county executive, count him in the hunt.
          But he won't be alone.  Macomb Sheriff Mark Hackel and the chair of the state transportation commission Ted Wahby will look at it too. Former Congressman David Bonior, Gieleghem says, will not.
         As for his own candidacy he refused to confirm it.
         Maybe next time a little Novocain might help.


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