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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thanks But No Thanks

Thanks But No Thanks
  One of the knocks against Gov. Granholm is that making tough decisions is not one of her strong suits.  Her critics contend she finds that difficult because she wants everyone to like her.
  Well if you buy that, what are the chances she will move to remove her "favorite" mayor from Detroit?
  You got it: slim and none.
   Over the last few days as the Kwame Kilpatrick text-messaging mess creeps toward critical mass, a new wrinkle has emerged about the governor bouncing him.  She apparently has the power, but probably not the will.
   First confronted with the notion, the Granholm front office, dropped back ten yards and punted:  "We are not going to speculate about a matter that is not yet before us at this time," opined media mouthpiece Liz Boyd while taking her remarks from page one of the How to Avoid a Tough Stand book.
   However, inside the bowels of the Granholm administration, it must be a tempting notion.  After all the relationship between she and he has been rocky at best even though both have gone to great lengths to give the appearance that they are cozy.
    Years ago, somebody in the gov's office suggested:  The mayor is a good example of someone who needs adult supervision.
     Reportedly the mayor's folks are not fond of the governor, either.
     She has repeatedly said whatever happens in Motown should happen quickly because the swirling polemics will damage the state and the cities recoveries.  And over the weekend 2,500 Black Mayors who were coming to Detroit, pulled the plug and took their millions of dollars to New Orleans, instead.
     The governor has the power to end this thing right now if somebody were to ask her. But her trigger finger is likely to remain miles away from the trigger if they do.


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