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Monday, March 10, 2008

Can't We Be Friends?

Can't We All Be Friends?
      All the big shot democrats around these parts are professing that even though the battle between the Hill and the Big O is contentious now, when all is said and done, democrats will unite behind whomever is the winner.
      It makes for nice chitchat but the polling data suggests that may be easier said than done.  In reality the findings send an ominous message about party unity which could hand this election over to John McCain.
      Get a load of this Rasmussen poll done for FOX 2:  Likely Michigan democratic voters for Barack Obama were asked what they would do if Hillary Clinton got the nomination.
      A piddily 50% said they would vote for her while 35% said they would not.
      It's not much better on the other side of the equation:  Only 52% of the Clinton folks would plunk for Obama while 25% said they could not stomach him for president.
      Unity. Smudity.
      Apparently there is not only bad blood between the candidates but with their constituencies as well. 
      Obama forces in Michigan are afraid of getting screwed by Clinton super delegates at the convention assuming the Michigan delegation gets in.
      And if Obama adds to his nationwide delegate lead, the Clinton forces are afraid her Michigan delegates won't be seated if this battle goes to the convention floor where Obama has enough votes to lock her out.
      Peace is not at hand….but then in the Democratic Party when is that ever the case?


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