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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not So Fast On Re-do Not So Fast on the Re-do

    Not So Fast on the Re-do
         It's one thing for negotiators in Washington to agreed to a re-do of the democratic race for president in Michigan, but it's quite another for republicans in the legislature to approve it.
        In other words don't look for the Hill or the Big O to visit our state just yet.
        Give style points to the gang of four who hammered out a deal to re-stage a non-taxpayer funded primary perhaps on June 3rd, but all the best laid plans of Carl Levin, Debbie Dingell, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and Ron Gettlefinger may be for naught.
        Over 100 republican votes are need to make the deal a reality and with that kind of political leverage the GOP will want something in return.
         First of all, as long as this battle drags on and the disarray continues on the democratic side, why in the heck would John McCain and company want Michigan republicans to bring peace to the other side?
        Secondly, the democrats in the legislature may want this primary but what are they willing to give the R's to get it?
        House GOP leader Craig DeRoche has broadly hinted that his side has other priorities in the legislative hopper that he may want before any of his members vote for another election.
        DeRoche also sees a bit of irony in all this.  He told FOX2 News the other day that while Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer wants DeRoche's help, the very same Mr. Brewer is trying to bounce Mr. DeRoche out of office with a recall.
        That may not put DeRoche in a mood to help Brewer, don't ya think?
        On top of that, the legislative clock is ticking as lawmakers want to scoot out of town for Spring Break the end of this month so they need to get hopping on the primary right now.
         So with the republicans having the democrats over the barrel, it's Let's Make A Deal Time in Lansing which means the re-do may be un-done but it gets done.


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