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Friday, March 14, 2008

What Is Bill Schuette Up To?

  What Is Schuette Up To?
        When the candidate-filing deadline rolls around in May, don't bother looking for the name of State Appellate Court Judge Bill Schuette on the list. However there's a take-it-to-the-bank chance you'll see it there in 2010. 
        Note that the state constitution requires a potential candidate for another office to resign his current post within a year of any other election bid. So his decision not to run again for a court seat he most likely would win easily, will produce a ton of speculation: what is Schuette up to?
       But first, who is Bill Schuette?  He's the former mid-Michigan congressperson, former GOP state senator, former state agriculture director in the Engler administration and current jurist.  And he's too ambitious and too young to retire just yet.
        In the past Schuette has flirted with running for governor, but he would not be alone in a 2010 primary race that could be packed with lots of other aspirants.
        He could run for the U.S. senate again after Carl Levin defeated him years ago.
        Or he could run for State Attorney General.  After all there will be an opening as the current occupant Mike Cox is term limited in two years.
        The decision would be made in a GOP party convention and even though he's been ensconced on the appeals court for years, Schuette smartly has continued his networking around the state with the GOP base including serving coffee from time to time in his old Midland Congressional district.
        The competition might be limited as most of the possible candidates in the past from the ranks of county prosecutors have thought about it but passed on the opportunity.
        Schuette is likely to avoid saying anything public about all this as he continues to serve on the state's second highest court until the end of this year.
        But make a bet with your friends that he will run for A.G. cause you'll win when he does.


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