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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Four Fret ABout Motown

 Big Four Fret About Motown
     As the Kwame Kilpatrick controversy moves toward critical mass in Detroit, the top legislative leaders in Lansing are concerned about the impact on an economic recovery in the state.
      "Yes, I'm worried about it," suggests Senate GOP Leader Mike Bishop of Oakland County.
        "It is making a difference," echoes fellow Oakland County House Minority Leader Craig DeRoche who adds, "We should all be concerned about it."
           On the democratic side, the senate leader Mark Schauer chimes in, "There's some impact.  It's not helpful to Michigan."
         And House Speaker Andy Dillon, who earlier this week indicated the mayor might have to resign, told a business dinner on Wednesday night that legislators can't do much about the situation and the state should "let Detroit take care of his problem on its own, if they can." He again called for a quick resolution saying, "It can start to have ramifications."
         Bishop says he is not sure the rest of the nation is paying attention to the so-called text-messaging flap although it was featured again last night on CNN. It did a story on embattled spouses who stand by their man in the midst of a sex scandal, and Mrs. Kilpatrick was shown holding the hand of her husband during his televised apology recently.
        Whether the whole world is watching or not Bishop adds, "We need Detroit to turnaround. I definitely think it's got the potential to be counterproductive to the forward progress of Detroit. If it's impacting the ability of the city to continue its renaissance, I'm very concerned about that."
          In a lighter vein, Bishop may have had the quote of the night at the business meeting.  The four leaders were asked if they used the Blackberry to communicate.
          Rep. DeRoche was the only one who did not. Just as the interview with the Big Four was to begin, Bishop sat on the panel with his Blackberry in hand and offered this: "I'm shutting off the text part here."
          The audience laughed.


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