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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Racial Divide Getting Deeper

 Racial Divide Getting Deeper
      Governor Jennifer Granholm is worried again.  She won't say it but you can see it on her face.  If the level of racial discourse in the democratic race for president gets much worse, the D's may be handing over the White House to John McCain.
      For obvious reasons the governor doesn't want that out there for public consumption but she does say, "I'm concerned that the focus on race is dividing the Democratic Party.  It is very unhelpful---the racial divide is getting deeper."
      National democratic committee member Debbie Dingell is not far behind.   "A lot of people are flaming the fires of fear."
      Both Granholm and Dingell. however, strike the same upbeat chord that after the pushing and shoving, the party will join hands.
      Pollster Steve Mitchell is not so sure.
      He has data that suggests a fat one third of the Barack Obama supporters will plunk for McCain if Hillary Clinton gets the party nomination.
     "People of color as well as young voters are going to be very disenchanted with that choice" if Clinton gets the nod.
      The nasty rhetoric needle has been on the upswing recently in the contest.  Former Clinton administration stalwart Bill Richardson endorses Obama and a Clinton guy calls him "Judas."
       Then there is the continuing flap over Obama's pastor.
       Granholm says, "There's been a lot of harsh words uttered."
       Dingell echoes, " It's raw and people want to blame, but we must work together for fundamental change."
       What has changed is the national story line.  A few months ago the democrats were going to win---take it to the bank. Political sisters Granholm and Dingell can continue to say that, but there are not as many depositors now as there were back then.


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