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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clinton Stumps in Michigan, At Last

Clinton Stumps in Michigan, At Last
      She came, she saw, she spoke and she left, but at least Hillary Clinton showed Michigan citizens she knows how to get to Detroit.
      Give the Clinton for President campaign credit. It turned on a dime this week and brought her into the state for the first time to take advantage of an issue she hopes to use against her opponent.
      For public consumption the reason she was here was to pressure the Obama forces in Lansing to support another vote in Michigan.  When reports circulated on Tuesday that the re-do was all but dead, the Clinton folks decided to exploit it and she tried.
     "I call on Senator Obama to stand with me" and order another election "to make sure Michigan's votes are counted" she said to applause in a local union hall.
      The earth did not move in Lansing however.
      She didn't get her re-do but her hidden agenda was to gain the high ground over her opponent.  Now she can say, I came here Michigan and fought for your right to vote, but my opponent neglected you.
      On that front mission accomplished, but as one listened to the speech it lacked the fire and passion you often hear from Mr. Obama.
      "I've seen more passion and enthusiasm than anyone could have predicted," Clinton told her supporters in Detroit.  But she failed to add that most of it appears to be for him and not her.
       Former Gov. Jim Blanchard says the speech was well received but when told there wasn't much passion he added, "maybe it's because she had a cold."  Or maybe it's because she is cold?
       Regardless she got the issue she wanted.  As Blanchard put it, Obama took his name off the ballot in January and won't allow his name on the ballot in June which means "His people made it harder for him today to win Michigan in the fall," if he is the nominee.


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