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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Kwame Bill

  The Kwame Bill
     Up until now, state lawmakers have remained at arms length…no make that arms, legs, and hands length away from the saga unfolding with the Mayor of Motown.  Nobody wants anything to do with the messy story except Rep. Brian Calley.
     The mild-mannered republican from Portland just west of Lansing has introduced a bill  he could have labeled the "Kwame Bill"  but didn't.
     Here's what Calley wants his colleagues to approve: If a local official is convicted of a crime and if that crime cost his or her local government any money, the officials would have to pay the money back.
     What a novel idea.
     What a novel idea that has no chance of becoming law.
     Calley came to that conclusion too, but he is re-thinking it given the uproar in Detroit over the $8.4 million dollar settlement that the city reached with some fired police officers.
     Maybe you've read about it?
     The mayor may not have told the truth about the details behind the settlement and there is some chatter about an alleged cover-up to hide his text-message to-do with his former chief of state.
     The mayor has not been charged, has not been tried, has not been convicted and as long as Calley's idea remains just that, Mr. Kilpatrick won't have to pay anything if he remains unconvicted.  Besides he has already told his followers that with his hard work he is paying back the $8.4 mil everyday.
      So that takes care of that.
      Calley is wondering if he can find some Detroit lawmakers to help on this bill. 
      He got at least one, Rep. Virgil Smith, Jr.
      That's a start.


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