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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ride'em Cowboy

  Ride'em Cowboy
     The City of Detroit needs all the help it can get.  So take a gander over yonder in Commerce Township where a state lawmaker is saddling up his white horse to give the city all the help it needs.
     Hi---Oooooh David Law.
     Rep. Law is pushing legislation that could change the impeachment landscape in Motown as the city council considers whether to eventually bounce Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.
     Right now the bar is mighty high.  His Honor would have to be convicted of a felony.  Rep. Law would lower the bar…really lower the bar to malfeasance in office.
     Now for you non-lawyer types out there in newspaper land, malfeasance is any wrongful act which could include everything from stealing pencils and paper clips to riding off into the sunset in a red Navigator with the city treasury.
     Either way, if this legislation ever got on the books, the council would have an easier time telling Mr. Kilpatrick to get out of Dodge, if it comes to that.
     Law contends he's been thinking about this plan long before all the fussin' in Detroit over text-messages. And he notes it's not designed just for city councils; townships could oust their supervisors with a two-thirds vote, too.
      With lawmakers off to warmer climes, it's a tad tough to get a handle on how this might fly in the Michigan House and Senate.
       Democratic Detroit Senator Hanson Clark told the MIRS newsletter folks he was a no vote.  He argues the people elect the mayor and only the people should un-elect him if they want.
      But what about outstate republicans?  Many of them are running for their house seats and it would make dandy headlines back home, if they joined Law on his white horse to "help" Detroit.
      Suburban lawmaker Law seems to have developed a real passion for this issue.  Just last week he offered a resolution calling on Mr. Kilpatrick to resign.  House democrats made sure it never got to a vote.
      You don't suppose this has anything to do with Mr. Law running for Oakland County prosecutor, do ya?


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