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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gov. On Teen Drivers and Kwame

   Gov on Teen Drivers and Kwame
           If the governor had her way, about the only thing drivers under 18 could do in their cars would be to drive them.
           While that might be unpopular with the young drivers, the governor tells reporters, "I'm all in favor of measures that will create greater safety."
           Her remarks come in the wake of a tragic accident in Macomb County where three teens recently died in a car mishap.
           The governor went well beyond just banning passengers as suggested by one piece of pending legislation.
           "That includes restrictions on passenger numbers, restrictions on cell phone use, restrictions on text messaging. You name it."  She wants to "make sure that the driving experience for the inexperienced drivers is a more safe one."
            Asked about teenagers having constitutional rights, the mother of two teens shot back they do but  "They are minors and therefore the state has a greater responsibility to insuring their safety.  I'm in favor of that."
            However she does not favor what is unfolding in Detroit regarding another kind of text messaging.
            "I'm certainly concerned about the impact that it has on the city and it's progress," referring to the Mayor Kilpatrick allegations. Granholm goes on, "I don't think there's anything you can look at with this situation and find a silver lining.  I think it is all not good."
             But for the umpteenth time she refused to wade into any reaction to the allegations per see repeating that she will not say or doing anything that might "compromise" any future rule she may or may not have in the case.  She must be lighting candles that there is no future role at all.


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