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Monday, April 7, 2008

Hurray For Hollywood

     Hurray for Hollywood
          The governor was beside herself. It was just the kind of event she loves the most. There was bipartisanship oozing all over the joint; there was plenty of talk about creating a whole new industry and diversifying the economy, and best of all none of the wise guys in the media peanut gallery had a gnarly question for her to tackle.
         In other words the signing of the Hollywood movie tax break bill was a p-e-r-f-e-c-t day for Jennifer Granholm.
         The state is now offering a whopping 40 percent tax break for any movie maker who wants to shoot a film here.  That's the highest credit anywhere which allowed the governor to gloat, "This makes this the best place in the nation to make films."
         And it's already working.
         Normally the state film office sees about six movie scripts a year.  Even before she signed the thing, 84 came flying in and all of them from legit movie moguls and not some college kid working on a term paper.
         In New Mexico where they bumped up their tax credit, the movie business jumped ten fold to $500 million a year.  The governor would be happy with half of that.
         Critics contend the state is selling the farm with the 40 percent giveaway.  The governor, who was not a math major but was almost a movie star, counters, the state is getting nothing right now so reaping a 60 percent profit ain't all that  bad.
         And let's face it Michigan has plenty to offer.  For example if MGM or somebody else is looking to film a story about college kids rioting, East Lansing is open for business.


Blogger agnosticrat said...

I wouldn't mind 60 percent of "Text Message - The Kwame Kilpatrick Story"

April 9, 2008 at 7:28 PM 

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