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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life Vs. Life Battle

   Life Vs. Life Battle
       This may be the calm before the battle over life with Michigan voters caught in the cross fire over the emotional embryonic stem cell research issue.
       Senior citizens will be targets in this debate over saving lives.
       The pro-research side will tell seniors that there is hope in the lab that deadly diseases can be cured but the pro-life side will counter, this is all about "destroying human embryos so it will be about destroying life…It will be an argument over life," concedes Paul Long from the Michigan Catholic Conference.
       With the other side banked rolled with enough money to collect 400,000 signatures to place it before the voters, Long concludes, "We're planning that it will be on the ballot."
      And once it gets to the November ballot, the warfare will begin.
      Long is confidant that Michigan has a long history of being pro-life including the state's opposition to the death penalty, welfare abortion funding, and assisted suicide?
      But the other side is confident this type of research can lead to cures for Alzheimer's, heart disease, and even cancer.
      Long says his opponents will be "formidable" but, "We can end disease without destroying embryos."
      One shutters to think what type of ads will flood the airwaves as both sides go back and forth.  It will not be pretty.


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