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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Waste of Time

  Waste of Time
       Remember what you did during the last fifteen minutes of school?  Some kids counted the seconds off the clock, others made sure all the crap on their desk was tidy, some threw spitballs and others teased whomever was within reach.  In other words, the last minutes of school did not exactly contribute to a higher score on your SAT's.
       With that in mind, now comes word from a Macomb County school district that it is tacking on an extra 15 minutes at the end of each school day to make up for six snow days.
       What genius thinks that will contribute anything to junior's education other than teaching them to count the 900 seconds off the clock?
       "It doesn't accomplish the education we're looking for," concedes Macomb County Senator Mickey Switalski who is the ranking democrat on the K-12 School Aid budget.
         He thinks the state ought to go back to the old system of mandating a certain number of days of instruction rather than hours.
         And his counterpart in the Michigan House agrees.  Rep. Matt Gillard of Alpena confesses he voted for the hour system but it was probably the wrong thing to do.
         The real mystery here is why would any school think this is good move.  If you missed six days, logic would dictate you tack on six days of school at the end of the year.
         Oh yeah.  Forgot.  That might delay summer vacation.
         Summer vacation vs. more time in the classroom---it's a no brainer.


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