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Monday, April 21, 2008

Honey, should I run?

At some point former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer will have to confront that question with his wife.  And if Trudy Archer gives the thumbs down, the Archer for Governor campaign may never get off the ground.
In case you missed it, Mr. Archer is actively laying the groundwork to run for governor just in case he decides to take the plunge.
He's running all over the state meeting with this group and that, and while he has not made his own decision, some close friends point out that it's not his call alone to make.
"Part of his decision still hinges on his wife…She enjoys having him at home," reports Archer confidant State Senator Buzz Thomas.
"Uncle Dennis", which is what Thomas calls his long time friend, has had several conversations with the senator and Thomas was asked if the wife says no, does that mean no to a bid?
"She would get a very strong say in this," is the candid response.
Former mayoral candidate Freeman Hendrix has had a chat with Mr. Archer about the contest, and Hendrix says, "That is a good question" regarding what the Mrs. will eventually say.
The Archers enjoy a beautiful life style.  He has a lucrative law practice; they vacation near Sarasota; he enjoys widespread respect in the business community and that stint on the State Supreme Court doesn't look bad on the resume either.
So why get into a grueling race for governor?
Archer talks about public service and wanting to give back.
But she may be asking, at what cost?
It's a darn good question.


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