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Monday, May 5, 2008

Tell Us More

 Tell Us More
      Pretty soon the folks who get paid to speculate will be speculating away on whom the candidates for president will select as a running mate.  And this year because of the age of one of the contenders, that choice will take on even more importance.
      But let's go for full disclosure and demand that the two candidates also reveal whom they would pick for Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, U.S. Attorney General, and maybe even the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to keep all the greens out there happy.
      It's not a radical idea but it's never been done.  Voters are forced to trust that the winner will surround him or herself with competent appointees to run the major government agencies.
      It's sort of, "Vote for me and then I'll tell you who will run the government."
      It's like buying a car and then checking to see if it has a motor, radio, and what all.
      This year full disclosure takes on even more importance.
      Barack Obama continues to be a mystery to many voters, so don't they deserve to know who his key advisors will be.  We assume his religious advisor will not be you know who.
       As for Hillary Clinton, voters have a right to know if her cabinet will be a rehash of the one put together by her hubby when he ran the show.
       And democrats tell us John McCain is another George Bush. So does he make a real break with the current administration or does he pluck off Bush-ittes to help operate a McCain administration?
       The only way to know is for the candidates to tell us before November not after.
        It's the right thing to do but it won't be done because it could cost one of them the election.


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