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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blood Suckers and Leeches

  Blood Suckers and Leeches
        Let's be honest.  If you are like most consumers of media news, you don't hold most journalists in high esteem and with good reason.
        But when a group of local government officials were recently asked what they thought about the media, the responses went well beyond the usual clap trap about being liberal, sensationalists and only interested in selling papers.
        Nope. Some of the stuff was down right…down right…well decide for yourself.
        "They are idiots."
         "They are bold and sometimes stupid."
          And those were the tepid responses.
          Given this rare chance to let it all hang out, others chimed in by describing the news media as "parasites; bottom-feeders; they are lower than a snake's belly, and two faced."
         And then there were those who went for the bloody jugular with such terms of endearment as: "Blood sucking magets." (sic) Another official dismissed the media as "leeches looking for the next bloodsucking story to boost ratings."
         And one wrote, "The media is a blood sucking, negative, and generally opinionated form of information source."
         The truly alarming aspect of all this is that the respondents were not the typical anti-government, anti-tax, anti-everything crowd.  For the most part these were college-educated officials in positions of great responsibility at the local government level, yet their anger was palpable and their vocabulary was over the top.
         Look it.  Reporters are a lot of things and some of them are bad, but leeches and bloodsuckers?
         Somebody pass the hemoglobin.


Blogger William Flynn said...

Geez...people should lay off the nasty characterizations...its not like reporters go crawling through dumpsters to get their information.

May 7, 2008 at 9:50 AM 

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