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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now What?

    Now What?
        The day the governor has dreaded for months, came this week.  She is now officially a part of the Kwame Kilpatrick saga thanks to the Detroit City Council which has unceremoniously dragged her into the fray.
        The council's mild mannered barrister Bill Goodman walked into the governor's office building and filed with her legal advisor documents alleging "official misconduct" which now permits Gov. Jennifer Granholm to launch her own investigation into the so-called text messaging mess.
        Notice the use of the word "permits" which, some contend, permits her another option---to do nothing.
        "I think the governor's going to do the right thing," attorney Goodman advised the capitol press corps and that means, "taking testimony and hearing the evidence."
         The governor's office continued it's terse response to all this by saying nothing about what the governor would do other than to "review" what the city filed. 
         One could, if wanted to, review the thing for years to come, or the governor could act promptly to oust the mayor which is what Goodman wants her to do.
         The governor has argued previously that she favors letting the courts move first and then if the mayor is convicted of something, she could step in.
         Goodman disagrees.  "This is a different, separate, and independent process which can go forward without disrupting the criminal process or undermining the rights" of the mayor.
         The governor has said before that she wants a quick resolution of this controversy.  Goodman has handed over the documents that could lead to that…if the governor decides to go there but that is one gigantic "if."


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