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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Two

  Big Two
     Michigan is full of Bigs.  We've got the Big Three automakers, the so-called Big Four leaders from Southeast Michigan and it looks like we have a new combo…the Big Two minus one.
     It looks like the legislature's top democrat and top republican have decided to go it alone on resolving issues and apparently leaving you know who out of the loop.
     Now don't jump to any far-fetched conclusions; Rep. Andy Dillon and Sen. Mike Bishop are not about to ignore Gov. Jennifer Granholm, but the two guys did meet behind closed doors this week and she was not there.
     They kicked around the expansion of Cobo Hall, the smoking ban in bars and eateries, and spending on airport and university building projects.
      Interestingly all three were major items on the agenda at last weeks Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce gig on Mackinac Island where Bishop and Dillon and the governor got an earful about bickering and too much partisanship in Lansing.
      One might have thought the governor, who professes to be an active listener, would sash shay home and promptly invite the two guys into her office to hammer out some movement on these big-ticket items.
      Maybe the invite got lost in the mail.  Or maybe, just maybe it was never sent, which is why the two guys went off on their own?
      In a recent Detroit News column it was noted that the governor and two leaders have not exactly been burning up the midnight oil trying to get their collective arms around some mucho important issues.
     Granholm defenders might point out she's been at home recuperating from that operation that she is embarrassed to talk about.  True, she's been confined to the Executive Residence, but she held meetings with her personal staff during her absence from the capitol.
     Popular wisdom suggests that nothing can get done in the capitol unless the Big Three cooperate.  Short of that, it looks like citizens, for now, will have to settle for the Big Two minus one.


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